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Be more confident about choosing colours and clothes that make you look and feel your best. Fashion and style is not matter of age but a question about how to balance your personal colouring with the clothes you wear. Colour is individual, natural, magnetic, influential, emotional, therapeutic and joyful.

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'I believe everyone is different and needs individual, personalised advice how to create visual balance .I have always been passionate about giving women the relevant advice and the tools to dress themselves in the best way, to create a streamlined look using a womanís individual body shape and colouring. Now, my new website means I can bring my skills and experience to a broader audience, and empower women everywhere with the expert know-how they require to dress with complete confidence for every occasion. Joy of Clothes will make it easier to analyse current and upcoming fashion trends by eliminating the ones that simply donít work for you.'

Michaela Jedinak, Founder Joy of Colour and Joy of Clothes